The (FREE!) Essential Guide on How to Choose Colour


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    Colour is everywhere we look and, to large extent, is taken for granted– just like breathing.

    Colour is extremely personal, different colours create different reactions to different people. This can be influenced from our culture, religion and experiences we have had in our lives. We have the freedom and ability to ‘colour our lives’ the way we wish, from our choices in the colour of the clothes we wear to the colour we use in our surroundings at home.

    This eBook is designed to give you an insight into the world of colour and the confidence to try experimenting and bringing colour into your life. To understand colour and how we can use it in our ‘space’, we first need to look at the theory of colour. This provides the base knowledge for our creativity in selecting colour and putting colour schemes together. The eBook then steps you through how colour schemes work, the psychology of colour, decorative benefits of colour and tips for decorating with colour.



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